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I share my own philosophy of going within self, through understanding how nature works, and my 10 years experience to guide you into finding great relationships, maintaining them and staying happy in your relationships.which would otherwise also turn sour and bitter if not rekindled on a day to day basis, bringing couples into confusion and crisis. A great relationship does not have to sacrifice all you need is together compromise! This is the only place where we have made it simple and comfortable because you talk we listen and together we solve.

We can help you find and create the kind of relationship that you’ve always wanted, a genuine connection with your partner and a relationship you can draw strength and love from, not pain and confusion.

Our Relationship Consulting Services


We offer Empowerment sessions for individuals who wish to be and learn the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's right in their various positions in life and relationships in general.

Match making and dating

This is a process whereby we try matching and coupling two individuals with the same similarities and characteristics although sometimes they can be different, we try this process through our speed dates and similar events.

Individuals & Couples

We offer the provision of advice, assistance and guidance in resolving personal problems for individuals and couples in relationship distress and conflict. A comfortable place where you talk we listen & together we solve.

Sex Theraphy & Intimacy

Through sex and romance advice / consultancy coaching, we help address concerns about sexual feelings and intimacy, either in individual therapy or couples therapy . Your privacy is a priority to us.

Our Process

Relationships can be difficult especially when in crisis,However relationships can be very beautiful experience and very fulfilling, once you identify how to apply the philosophy within!

On the other hand the dating scene as you know can be filled up with frustrating pitfalls and illusions especially when not connecting with the right individuals, endless messaging and emailing that leads nowhere,disappointing and emotional overwhelming first dates,and internet dating are all too common possibilities that can leave you feeling overwhelmed while physically and emotionally drained . Therefore we have invented a very simple theoretical procedure. All procedures are carried out through our philosophy and 10 years experience. Couples / individuals in crisis are requested to
Initially fill a form obtained from our website, this is to best assess your situation. I would then book you a one on one session whereby we get to build relations together, analyze and identify the underlying problem, finding soloutions depending on your situation which would normally take between 3 – 4 sessions respectively depending on the crisis at hand.
We also offer international relationship consultations via the telephone / WhatsApp and Skype.

Do you Need Help in your Relationship?

Are you tired of dating an app and not real people? Then you have reached out in the right place, where we help coach and advice you on how to conquer fear and brooding insecurities that may be hindering you from attaining your greatest self realization to attain a great loving understanding relationship built on self respect and mutual understanding.

Would you wish to share your Experience with us?

You talk we listen and together we solve. Woundering how to deal with relationships and dating? have you learnt how to coop with attachment and self doubt?And are you creating your own happiness? What are you waiting for? Just follow our 1 on 1 coaching sessions or fill in a form through our website to help asses your situation with ease,lets help you deal with matters of the heart.You can also keep checking the events section as well as our social media section for more consistent information.

Do you need Sex Therapy?
Supercharge your sex life to thrive,fight less,love more find your ideal partner!
Is she/he slackking? having problems and difficulties expressing your desires, in the bedroom,which you are Shying away from or afraid to talk about?we looking for you. Talk to us.  Learn 3 major aspects that can make your romance and sex life thrive.

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