About Us

Thatcher Relationship Consultants

A Comfortable place where we listen,tackle and create seemingly possible workable solutions that effectively solve difficult miscommunication and complicated problems that often arise in the relationships.

Thatcher Relationship Consultants is a consulting and dating agency situated in Hilversum  in the Netherlands. We deal in consulting,coaching and advice for couples and individuals in relationship crisis.

This we do by using our own philosophy of relationships while applying tactics and our knowledge through 10 years experience in related field.

The Mission is to Empower individuals building relationships creating peace.

Our Process

Relationships can be difficult especially when in crisis, However  relationships can be very beautiful experience and very fulfilling, once you identify how to apply the philosophy within!
therefore we have invented a very simple theoretical procedure.  All procedures are carried out through our philosophy and 10 years experience. Couples / individuals in crisis are requested to
Initially fill a form obtained from our website, this is to best assess your situation. I would then book you a one on one session whereby we get to build relations together, analyze and identify the underlying problem, finding soloutions depending on your situation which would normally take between 3 – 4 sessions respectively depending on the crisis at hand.

We also offer international relationship consultations via the telephone / WhatsApp and Skype.