Couples & Individuals

Whether your coming alone or as a couple, we are ready to work with you! This is a place where you talk we listen and together we solve those difficult shameful and frustrating issues  that you have been trying to deal with without success.

Couples advice and individual consult  provides a private, safe and comfortable space for couples or individuals to discuss and find solutions to their relationship issues.

Relationships are an essential part of a healthy life with so many rewards to be enjoyed and derived  from a mature and dignified relationship.Due to daily presure and extreme individual demands, relationships can be very difficult to manage, indeed turnning sour and bitter.

All relationships face challenges and conflicts at times,  however,how you deal with these challenges determines how well you can experience and  how you can find fulfillment in relations.

at Thatcher Relationship Consultants,we help together identify the triggers and dynamics between two people  or individuals which have led to the breakdown of the relationship. Most problems are often due to a lack of emotional responsiveness and a shared secure attachment bond, which is key to creating ways to support each other’s hopes for the future, becoming better friends, and managing conflict and crisis.

 We offer consultations with the utmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality, all consultations are carried out in a private and peaceful consultation room in Naardestraat, Hilversum. The Netherlands.

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