Empowerment is the process of gaining freedom and power within, to do what you want or to control what happens to you. Are you looking for self awareness, self development or simply a plan to increase your value? Do you feel like you have lost the way , or yourself? Are you letting people , situations or circumstances controle you? If you answered yes to these then we are looking to work with you.



– Empowering Individuals

– Building Relationships

– Creating Peace


SESSIONS LENGTH : 2-3 hours Depending on the activities


Our sessions are done through very warm and exciting open minded individuals in small groups of 1-25 attendees whereby we are then involved in different fun activities eg cooking, cocktails making just to mention a few on the line -up.


Relationship Empowerment  – 24th May 2020




Most activities will always be enlisted through the website under events. Therefore to secure a place in one of the sessions, we recommend individuals who would love to participate to either fill in the form found on our website or simply register for an event of choice through the the link always found through the Events section.

By the end of our group sessions you will be delighted to have:


–  Something to do

–  Something to love

–  Something to believe in

–  Something to hope for

Do who better? You better! You can be the best you want!